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This handmade sewn headband will be sure to keep you cute and cozy. Each headband is made with a lightweight, Jersey stretch material blend double knit layer, and ties with an adorable twist in the front. This a perfect throw-on-and-go headband for year-around wear.

I began making headbands because none of the ones I could buy were exactly how I wanted them. I like them snug, but not too tight, wide enough to scrunch up or wear at full width, and extra soft and comfortable. I love picking out just the right fabric to use, and love a good neutral pallet with some fun surprises thrown in.

This headband has been handmade in the United States using thoughtfully curated, on-trend Jersey-stretch material blends, and vegan faux leather labels.

Headbands are designed to fit snuggly, yet comfortably on a 21-22” circumference head. Please note that because headbands may naturally stretch with wear and care, they may feel slightly snug at first.


9.5” ear to ear (laid flat) or 19” circumference

4,5” bottom to top (height)

Recommended Care: Hand wash in cool water, partially dry with towel, and flat lay to dry.

This is a unique and custom design by Knotty Ninja Crafts and Knotty Ninja Crafts Co.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of each product, the color, print, and/or measurements may vary slightly.

Images may contain headband modeled in an alternate color to demonstrate overall fit and aesthetic.

Headband image may also picture unattached label. Label will be attached when received.

Everyday Lightweight Stretch Knit-Blend Handmade Headband



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